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NOTE:If you fly a Parrot Bebop
They keep a log for you.


If you fly a drone, or quadcopter, or UAV device (What every you call yours). Or, if you are just part of the RC hobby community flying any type of Unoccupied Air Vehicle, you are probably aware of the recent FAA requirement for devices such as these, weighing over half a pound to be registered.

About 100 years before the FAA decided to regulate UAV flights the United States, the government began the regulation of amateur radio equipment. The first step was to allot call-signs to the amateur stations and next to require that the radio operators maintain a log of all activities.

Keeping a log of activities has always been a way of protecting ourselves from being falsely accused of any misconduct while operating any government regulated entry. As an amateur radio operator I kept a log of my transmissions until that requirement was removed in the later years of the 21st century. As a private pilot I also kept a log of all my flight time.

Whether it will be required by the government, or not, I intend to keep a log of my UAV flight time. Although logs are not a method of proof of innocence, a log that is kept up to date over a reasonable amount of time is generally accepted as a credible form of substantiation of fact. I would recommend that every person who is part of this hobby use this or some other method of protection against being falsely accused of inappropriate activity.

This application allows you to easily maintain a flight log of all of your UAV activities. You can create one account or an account for each of your aircraft, then simply click a button on your smart phone when you begin and finish your flying experience. Everything here is free.

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