In the fall of 2014 was moved from a Windows server to a Linux server. A few problems were anticipated and planned for. But there one unexpected issue that was somewhat of a surprise: A few of the regular visitors appeared to have broken links upon arriving at the site following the move.
The problem stemmed from the use of cached home pages on a client machine. A cached page is one that has been saved on the client’s computer from a previous visit to the site. Although the webmaster of had made the necessary programming code changes to satisfy the Linux server, the page on the client’s machine didn’t contain those changes, and, therefore appeared to have broken links.
If the clients who experienced this problem would have known to clear their browser’s cache and refresh the page they would have been able to continue without an issue. Hence, the creation of the video shown below. You may never need to know the information contained in the video but, who knows, maybe you might. Watch the short four-minute video and learn.