If you have dreamed of achieving success and improving your standard of living or if you just want to find happiness in life but havent't been able to reach your goal, this page can provide the direction you need to be successful.

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Clear-Cut, Positive Three-Step Process to Success

Many years ago, before there was an internet, I was reading a magazine and found an advertisement to join the Military Book Club. The price was right and there was a long list of books from which I could choose. I could also select from a list of non-military books and pick one free book as a reward for joining the book club.

In that list of free books I spotted a title that seemed to catch my attention more than any other books on the list. I can't recall the exact title anymore but it was something like, “How To Be A Success.” I was in my mid-twenties at the time and had a strong desire to be a success in life so I ordered the book along with a couple of Military books including one by Edward Jablonsky titled "Flying Fortress."

I read "Flying Fortress" and have since purchased and given away three copies of it. But I also took time to read the book on how to be a success. This all took place over 35 years ago at this writing. I wish I could remember all of the points that were covered in that book. I was a recent college graduate and accustomed to taking notes as I read and underlining important points to be remembered.

I suppose the author of that book had a way of writing that sparked my interest because it made an impression on me. As each concept was presented and explained I accepted it and acted upon it. At this present time I couldn't tell you what they were in detail but I remember testing each one in my own little world and finding that they really did work. From that point on I found myself able to accomplish any goal I committed myself to attain. I guess it could be said of that little book, “It changed my life.”

And so, after many years of a satisfying life I am embarking on this project in order to share what I know about how to be a success. It is truly my desire that you will take the time to read what is here and apply it to your own life. I PROMISE that if you do all the things written here you will be a success.

There are only two methods for one person to transfer knowledge to another person: The spoken word and the written word. The spoken word has some merits that the written word does not have and the written word has some merits that are missing from the spoken word.

For instance, if the speaker presenting the spoken word is dynamic and able to hold the interest of his audience, what he has to say will generally be retained by the listeners much more readily than if they had to read the same material. I had a history professor in college who was so good at presenting the subject that we took very few notes and still did quite well on quizzes and tests. I also had some other professors who were terrible speakers and hard to follow. Of course we didn't do as well unless we took massive amounts of notes.

But that history professor has long-since passed away and is no longer able to convey the knowledge he possessed. It is for this reason that the written word has become so valuable. Once a person's knowledge has been transcribed into the written word it remains unchanged and useful for as long as the media is preserved. Another merit that the written word possesses is the unexplainable neurological connection between the act of reading and how the knowledge is stored in the memory cells. There is a connection between the two which reinforces a person's ability to retain and recall knowledge. And this is a great advantage over the spoken word.

The bottom line is this: If you don't like to read you will need to learn to like it - at least to a greater extent. Successful people read a lot. They seek out what they want to learn about by searching for books and articles on that subject. They become knowledgeable and well-informed enough to move forward into an unfamiliar area of life which offers more of what they are looking for. An area where they could not have succeeded without reading and learning about it. These people are no different than you. You can do the same thing. Read to Succeed!

OK, you may now be asking, “How to I learn to enjoy reading?” Some people recommend The Reader's Digest. It is an excellent way to gain confidence in your ability to read. You aren't reading to learn anything specific but most of the articles provide enough interesting material that you are comfortable working your way through the pages.

There is also another method besides using The Reader's Digest. Go to a grocery or department store that has a large magazine section. Buy a magazine which covers a topic of interest to yourself. Start reading the articles in that magazine. If you find you enjoy these topics go ahead and fill out the subscription card and have it mailed to your home on a monthly basis. Try your best to read as much of each monthly issue as possible and within six months or so you will have increased your reading speed as well as your ability to comprehend whatever you read.

About the same time I was reading the book on success I was also becoming interested in electronics. I originally wanted to earn my amateur radio license. I ordered the study materials, taught myself the International Morse Code, and took the tests. (This was back in the days before they provided a list of all the questions and answers as they now do, and, back when you were required to learn Morse Code, which they no longer require) I passed the test and set up my own amateur radio station.

It wasn't long until I began studying for a license which was much more difficult to obtain: The commercial radio operators license. I read and studied about three or four hours each day over the period of one summer. In the fall I took the tests and earned the First Class Commercial Radio Operator's License. I was teaching in the public school at the time but was able to run a television station in the evenings and earn extra money.

I eventually went from teaching public school into broadcasting and became the manager and chief engineer of a Christian broadcast station. That turned out to be one of the best jobs I have ever held. It was the reward I received for being willing to read.

After going to work in the world of broadcasting I met and worked with a lot of folks who held the same licensing credentials as I held. But they had spent thousands of dollars attending a career school in order to learn what they needed to know to pass the exams and hold down a job in broadcasting. I had simply spent a few dollars on some books and took the time to read them.

You can do the same for yourself by reading. If you are wanting to get into a field of work that requires a diploma keep in mind that most institutions of higher learning allow you to challenge most courses. To challenge a course is simply to take an exam similar to the final exam for that course. If you do well on the exam you are given the credits toward graduation that you would have earned by sitting through all the classes. You can sharply reduce the length of time and amount of money spent on college or junior college by challenging as many courses as the college will allow you to challenge.

Of course, in order to challenge a college course you must know the material. How can you learn the material? Buy a book and read and study. You can even fit that in while you are enrolled in the other courses that are not challengeable. But, it means extra work and only successful people are willing to do extra work, right?

Finally, you are farther ahead on your way to success than a lot of other folks simply because you are reading this now. You can be sure that there are a lot of people who gave up on reading all of this page because they just weren't interested enough to continue. But you continued! You're on your way. Congratulations.

By the way, a couple of years after I read the book about becoming a success, a teaching colleague asked me how it was that I was able to accomplish so much. I explained how I had read a book on how to become successful and I just followed all of the strategies put forth in the book. My friend was so impressed that he asked if he could borrow the book so he, too, could accomplish more in life as he had seen me doing.

The next day I brought that little book to the school and foolishly handed it over to my colleague. Several months went by and one day while we were sitting in the faculty lounge I asked him how he was coming with the book he had borrowed. His comment was, "I hate to admit it but I have lost your book."

So, that's why I cannot refer you to that little book and why I can't give you a detailed step-by-step explanation of how it helped me progress to where I am today. But it did teach me another valuable lesson: If you WANT to be a success, you will be. If you WISH you could be a success, you never will be. My colleague only wished he were as successful as I had become. He didn't have the discipline and determination to really work at it.