About MrKent BA, MEd

MrKent's first name is Kent. He picked up the title Mister Kent while teaching career computer classes at a school where the teachers were addressed by their first names. Many of the students seemed to regard him with enough respect that it wasn't easy to simply call him by his first name and decided to address him as Mister. It wasn't long until everyone was calling him Mister Kent.

This web site was originally built to provide online learning outside the classroom for those students. Since that time it has continued to grow and provide help to millions all over the world.

MrKent graduated from Mt. Rainier High School in Kent, Washington in 1960. That fall he enrolled at Western Washington University in Bellingham. He graduated in December, 1964 with a major in industrial arts and a minor in art.

Having graduated in December, it was difficult to find a teaching job so he worked for Boeing as a design draftsman until August, 1965 when he took a position with the Pasco School District in Pasco, Washington. While teaching at Pasco he taught drafting, metal shop and electronics courses.

During that time he became interested in radio and obtained the amateur radio advanced license as well as the commercial first-class license (Later he obtained the Amateur Extra Class license - highest level possible). He was active in the local amateur radio club, teaching classes, holding office of president, and operation of barge radios during the Columbia Cup hydroplane races. He started the amateur radio club at Pasco High School (WA7ONV). Also, during that time he worked part-time as a switcher and transmitter technician for KVEW television in the evenings.

MrKent earned the Master of Education degree from Western Washington University in 1969.

In 1977 MrKent resigned from teaching in public school to become manager and chief engineer of KOLU FM, a Christian non-profit broadcast station in Pasco. He held that position until December of 1992. During that time he taught a primary age Sunday school class as well as helping teach in the school which sponsored the radio station. He was also instrumental in bringing KOLU FM from a 1000-watt station to a 4000-watt stereo FM station with state-of-the-art equipment.

Also, during that time he became a licensed private pilot. He purchased a Cessna 150 in 1986 and a year later sold it to purchase a Cessna 170-A which he has now passed on to his oldest son in partial trade for a Harley Davidson motorcycle.

In January, 1993 he resigned from the radio station to become Chief Administrator of Agape Boarding School in Othello, Washington. The school was just getting started at the old radar base atop the hill just south of Othello. The radar base had been closed down in the 1970's and was in need of much repair.

While there, he taught electricity and English classes as well as handling many other duties including; setup and maintenance of the key-phone telephone system, setup and maintenance of all computers used on campus, liaison with Washington State Department of Education. MrKent also built an airstrip at the radar base while he worked there.

Unfortunately, the school was closed down by the county in 1995 because the owner was reluctant to purchase building permits for the many remodeling projects that needed to be undertaken. At that point it was necessary for MrKent to find new employment.

In September of 1995 he relocated to Spokane, Washington to teach career classes at Interface Computer School. He taught office administration, customer service, IT courses, and internet programming classes. He was also promoted to Director of Instruction while employed by the school. In the spring of 2000, he resigned with the intention of doing technical support for Microsoft at Software Spectrum in Liberty Lake, Washington. Their hiring date was delayed several months and during that time he worked both free lance and as a full-time employee creating data-driven web applications.

In December of 2000, he finally hired on with Software Spectrum. After only three months of doing technical support, he realized that it wasn't suitable work. It required sitting in a small booth for the entire eight-hour shift, answering telephone calls. Unfortunately, three months of sitting in a booth was all that he could handle.

Because MrKent only lived two blocks from a Wal-Mart store, he decided to make life simple and hire on working in the hardware department until he retired in May of 2004. That is the summary of a very fulfilled life, and, he is looking forward to a future filled with many more challenges. You are welcome to read his mission statement.
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