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Everyone has a case of insomnia from time to time. There are some medical insomnia treatments for those who seem to have chronic insomnia. But as for an insomnia cure; there are a variety of opinions on the subject. There are dozens of over-the-counter pills which may be used as temporary insomnia remedies as well as prescription drugs that claim to be a good cure for insomnia.

But for most of us who only run into the problem from time to time; we need something that works without having to go to the drug store or doctor. This page presents a very viable solution for folks like that. If you think you fall into that category, please take time to read this material and give it a try.

Occasional cases of insomnia usually occur when we find ourselves in a stressful situation. Unfortunately, it generally shows its ugly face at a time when we know we need to get the best night's sleep possible. For instance: When you have a big job interview the following day. Or, maybe you have to take some kind of examination which has an enormous affect upon your future.

The Encyclopedia Britannica's definition of insomnia:

Insomnia: the inability to sleep adequately. Causes may include poor sleeping conditions, circulatory or brain disorders, a respiratory disorder known as apnea, stress, or other physical or mental disorders. Insomnia is not harmful if it is only occasional; the body is readily restored by a few hours of extra sleep. If, however, it is regular or frequent, insomnia may have harmful.

Experience has shown that most general forms of insomnia are caused by stress. Webster's definition of stress:

Stress: constraining force or influence: as a force exerted when one body or body part presses on, pulls on, pushes against, or tends to compress or twist another body or body part;

The definition of STRESS is an important factor in overcoming insomnia. Review it again to be sure you remember it. When we are stressed the various parts of our body tend to pull and twist against each other. We are often unaware of this when trying to fall asleep. These unconscious muscle tensions are the major reason for our inability to relax and fall asleep.

Several years ago, after MrKent discovered the most common cause of insomnia turns out to be STRESS, he made it a point to practice the following method of overcoming his own occasional battle with insomnia - and - it works! It is free, just like everything else on this website and you should give it a try next time you have difficulty falling asleep.

The solution consists of a series of small steps to follow while you lay in bed relaxing. You will probably find that you fall asleep before you have progressed very far through the process.

You have two options to chose from below. You can download the mp3 recording he has made, (Right-click on the link, Then click on "Save Link As...") transfer it to your audio media player, and listen to it as you relax on your pillow, or, you can print off the text and read it through enough times that you have it roughly memorized. Then you just review it as you relax on your pillow. It is MrKent's hope that you will benefit from this little piece of information.