First of all, thank you for visiting This reminder application is free as all resources on this site are. Why is there a reminder application on this website when there are so many other more easily assessable reminder applications on the smart phones? There are a couple of reasons: First, building this application was just a fun project for MrKent. Also, not everyone owns a smart phone so hopefully this will be some help to a few folks. And that's what it's all about.

Setting a reminder is pretty straight-forward. Type up to 100 characters in the Reminder box. Then select the date (and time if necessary). If this reminder is to be for someone's birthday or something that re-occurs annually select On-Going instead of One Time. Then click on the SET REMINDER button.

It is strongly suggested that you create a shortcut on your desktop in order to allow quick access to this application. Please take a moment to watch the short video on how to do that. The video covers the process to follow for those using Microsoft Internet Explorer, Firefox, and Chrome.

Your list of reminders will always show up as soon as you reach the page Reminder page. That is because a twenty-character randomly generated cookie is placed on your computer when entering your first reminder. Upon your return to the page that cookie tells the server where to look in the database for your reminder list. Cookies are generally harmless, especially those used at

Be sure not to delete the cookies on your computer if you wish to access your reminder list upon return to this application.

Thank you!

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