All Proverbs


  1. Christian Living
    If my church is a crummy church' it's the best of all of the other crummy churches.

  2. Christian Living
    When you sin, you only hurt the ones that love you.

  3. Christian Living
    It is impossible for fear and faith to exist together in the same person.

  4. Love
    If real love could be purchased, and you were selling it, you would eventually end up with all of the money in the world.

  5. Christian Living
    I am one of God's "Yes" men. Hallelujah!

  6. Christian Living
    I'm not working for The Lord, I'm working with The Lord. Matt. 11:28.

  7. Time
    Time is the measure of relative movement between two or more objects. Time and distance, therefore are relative as long as there is motion.

  8. Prayer
    To receive anything from money, you first have to spend the money. To receive anything from God, all you have to do is ask.

  9. Parenting
    That quiet child that does nothing out of the ordinary in the classroom will probably grow up to do the same for the Lord. That mischievous, spirited child who we barely tolerate, could grow up to bother a lot of people about The Lord.

  10. Science
    Time is the measure of relative movement between two or more objects. Time and distance, therefore are relative as long as there is motion.

  11. Salvation
    If it cost a dollar to get into Heaven, Jesus would be the dollar. If you had to have a ticket to get into Heaven, Jesus would be the ticket. If you had to know the password to get into Heaven, Jesus would be the password. If you had to know a friend to get into Heaven, Jesus would be that friend. But, you need a saviour to get into Heaven, and, Jesus is The Saviour.

  12. Faithfulness
    Dear Lord, help me become the kind of person you can trust to be responsible for whatever you would like to give me.

  13. Prayer
    I enjoy reading the Bible much more than spending time in prayer. Knowing that, I spend most of my time in prayer.

  14. Holy Spirit
    God's Holy Spirit is so humble that He doesn't even have a name.

  15. Christian Living
    If someone uses the excuse that they are a work in progress, request a progress report.

  16. Prayer
    You never outgrow your need for prayer.

  17. Christian Living
    God doesn't need our money; He needs our love. If He needed money, He could "speak" it into existence. Just as Jesus gave up a little bit of Heaven to show His love for us; He would like us to give a little bit of the world to show our love for Him.

  18. Time
    The songs of David, and the Proverbs of Solomon: Young men write songs; old men write proverbs. Old men have lost their song, but what caused them to lose their song gave them the wisdom to write the proverb.

  19. Forgiveness
    You'll get a lot more from The Lord if you'll refrain from the "Give me - Give me - Give me" and concentrate on the "Forgive me - Forgive me - Forgive me."

  20. Humor
    God made woman to be a help-meet to man. But,...

  21. Jesus
    God is God, and I am man. Hallelujah for the God-Man; Jesus.

  22. Rebellion
    Blatant rebellion is sure to bring blatant punishment.

  23. Christian Living
    Lord, help me to become the man in Psalm 1:1,2,3.

  24. Christian Living
    Remember, you were bought with a price! Therefore, from the day you were saved, nothing in your life has happened without a purpose.

  25. Christian Living
    How to have friends: Make Jesus your best friend.
    How to have peace: Make peace with God.
    How to become important: Make Jesus important.
    How to be rich: Make Jesus rich.
    How to be Happy: Make Jesus Happy.
    Matthew 6:33

  26. Fact:
    It is possible to make a lot of enemies and not lose a single friend.

  27. Christian Living
    Just do what you don't feel like doing: And you'll usually end up doing right.

  28. Love
    Everyone has burdens to bear. How we treat others while they face their burdens is a good indication of how we're facing ours.

  29. Wisdom
    The fool is the one that has all the answers. The wise is the one that understands the problem.

  30. Prayer
    Jesus is the only person who enjoys hearing about your problems.

  31. Grace
    Grace: It's my only hope.

  32. Prayer
    God gives us knees because He knows we have needs. Then, He uses the needs to see who'll use their knees.

  33. Pride
    Pride is usually when you think you're something that you're not, and never could be.

  34. Humility
    Humility is reality.

  35. Giving
    God will always give you enough to give away.

  36. Christian Living
    Fussy person: Don't be so concerned about all the little problems; but rather concern yourself with the major problems which are developing as a result of your overconcern with those small problems.

  37. Christian Living
    The Christian life: Live it: Don't act it!

  38. Christian Living
    The difference between wisdom and understanding: Wisdom is knowing about it. Understanding is living it.

  39. Foolishness
    Laziness and foolishness are very close companions.

  40. Leadership
    A good spiritual leader is a man who, himself, knows he's not a good spiritual leader, and pleads with God for help.

  41. Christian Living
    I pray that my children will have a Mama that doesn't stand up for her rights, but, rather, stands up for what's right.

  42. Christian Living
    Maintaining a good testimony isn't always easy. Repairing a ruined testimony is almost impossible.

  43. Christian Living
    God's will: Always good - but not always pleasant. Gen. 50:19,20.

  44. Your Testimony
    Any lost person is going to want to be like you... a long time before he'll want to be like Jesus.

  45. Faithfulness
    God's limit is determined only by what we set with our heart. Psalms 78:41

  46. Love
    If you tell someone you love them, and you have never prayed for them, you're not being honest.

  47. Love
    Don't be afraid to give away a little love. Whatever you give, you'll get back from your Heavenly Father.

  48. Love
    CAUTION: Just a little bit of selfishness can do a lot more damage than a whole lot of love can ever repair.

  49. Rebellion
    One thing is sure: When someone gets mad at God, it proves they believe in Him.

  50. Prayer
    It's a miracle how just a few minutes of prayer can improve hours, and days, and - - Lives.

  51. Love
    You can't understand real love - until you've given a lot of it away.

  52. Christian Living
    If you would treat The Lord like you do your best friend - maybe He'd stop treating you like you've been treating Him.

  53. Selfishness
    How many gold mines have I thrown away to selfishness?

  54. Love
    If a person doesn't seem worth much to you, it may be that your investment in him has just been too small.

  55. Wisdom
    Much wisdom can be found between verse 4 and 5 of the 26th chapter of Proverbs.

  56. Parenting
    If you treat your child like an animal rather than a human being, he'll act like an animal rather than like a human being.

  57. Humor
    Heart attacks usually strike at a time when you're too busy to be bothered with one.

  58. Parenting
    If you love your child - he'll love others. If you don't love him, he'll love himself, and that's sad.

  59. Success
    You can do what you want, but your success generally depends upon what you do, and not what you want.

  60. Wisdom
    People who will take advice become people who can give advice. People who won't take advice never change.

  61. Happiness
    Some people are never happy unless they're unhappy.

  62. Happiness
    No matter what the circumstances, you can always smile. The only requirement is wanting to.

  63. Forgiveness
    A friend is someone who asks your forgiveness when they make a mistake, and can't recall the last time you did.

  64. Eternity
    Remember, whenever you look into the clear, blue sky, you're looking into eternity.

  65. Parenting
    It takes a lot of time to raise a child. It takes a whole life-time.

  66. Wisdom
    A fool with a high I.Q. is still a fool.

  67. Salvation
    If God had to give the very best, most pure, sinless person to die on a cross, in order to save a soul, what make you think there is anything you can do help yourself?

  68. Faithfulness
    As many times as I have promised The Lord I would do better, the exact same number of times, I have failed Him; which proves that there is no eternal characteristic within the flesh.

  69. Prayer
    You only live once. Get all you can out of life.... PRAY!

  70. Time
    The formula for the law of time: Time = Distance/movement. Time is an invention of God, used as one of His tools in working with mankind on earth. When this earth is destroyed, time will no longer be needed. (Rev. 10:6) (Gen. 1:5)

  71. Jesus
    I want to be so bad, but I'm so much...I'm so glad that Jesus loves old So-and-So's like me.

  72. Christian Living
    I can tell the Devil where to go... But the flesh keeps hanging-on.

  73. Love
    Demanding perfection defers affection.

  74. Love
    Giving and forgiving and giving and forgiving forever, - is love.

  75. Happiness
    It's easier to start smiling than it was to stop!

  76. Christian Living
    Don't go on feelings...unless you're feeling good, of course.

  77. Christian Living
    If you go through life afraid to try because of the fear of'll go through life - losing.

  78. Marriage
    There is no prize awaiting the woman who wins control over her husband.

  79. Parenting
    Bossy, hard-headed woman; do you want to see much of your grandchildren? You won't! Your son will marry a woman just like yourself. She will decide where they do or do not go. And, you will be a symbol of competition to her, so she'll stay away as much as possible. Your daughter will grow up to be just like you. After some time, her husband will resist coming to see you because he won't want to spend any more time than necessary around two bossy women...Life will never get better for you..

  80. Humor
    God invented leather jackets. Gen. 3:7 and Gen. 3:21

  81. Christian Living
    Life is much, much more than just the next 24 hours.

  82. Wisdom
    Some of us are wise, and some of us are fools. But we are not sure which we are, because the wise know themselves to be foolish, and the fools think themselves otherwise.

  83. Salvation
    You don't get to Heaven by being a Baptist or a Presbyterian, or a Catholic, or a Methodist. You get to Heaven by believing a generic Bible; trusting a generic Saviour; and becoming a generic, born-again Christian.

  84. Forgiveness
    The more of a threat someone appears to be, the more difficult it is to really forgive and forget.

  85. Love
    Loving is listening.

  86. Wisdom
    Personalized discipline prevents punishment.

  87. Character
    Character is the manifestation of the knowledge that it's always easier to do wrong than to do right.

  88. Jesus
    I'm surrounded by the flesh; I'm outnumbered by the world; I'm attacked by Satan... But I'm covered by The Blood. Hallelujah for the Blood of Jesus.

  89. God's Love
    N - O - T - H - I - N - G ... Can separate God's love from me.

  90. Parenting
    A man's sincerity is reflected in the attitudes of his children.

  91. Character
    If you haven't finished the job - you haven't done the job.

  92. Heaven
    Remember: The more you give up down here; the more you'll get up there!

  93. Fact:
    Today is the most important day of your whole life.

  94. Parenting
    Your child should be able to expect an answer to the question, "Why?" anytime, except following a summon.

  95. Fact:
    Yesterday's gone. Tomorrow you could die. Today is the best day of your whole life.

  96. The Bible
    Note: When The Lord needed an animal to talk in Numbers 22, He knew it would be easier to do if He used a female!

  97. Time
    When I was young and just getting started, everything was noble. When I began to mature, and understand things better, the appreciation of the joy of the moment began to outweigh all other noble ideals.

  98. Your Testimony
    Why do some men try so hard to act like a man if they're going to react like a woman?

  99. Foolishness
    We all must live according to the consequences of our reactions.

  100. The Bible
    The "King" in Proverbs is your "boss" in today's job.

  101. Faithfulness
    In order to get God to do whatever it is you want Him to do: You must first do whatever it is He wants you to do.

  102. Happiness
    Remember this about the person who gets his kicks from being critical: That's the happiest he'll be all day-long.

  103. Thankfulness
    These days, if thieves break in and steal your television set; just thank them for taking out the garbage.

  104. Your Testimony
    The one who talks the most is generally the one who performs the least.

  105. Faithfulness
    The faithful Christian: Gives what he can. Has very little of his own. Dies. Goes to Heaven. Has everything! The unfaithful Christian: Has everything. Lacks for nothing. Dies. Goes to Heaven.... Has nothing!

  106. Prayer
    Need cash? Get A-Lone........ With God!

  107. Salvation
    God has given us His word, and promised in writing to do what He says He will do. The Devil is totally unable to keep his word, thus he has never given us anything in writing concerning his promises....What a fool one would be to decide against trusting Christ.

  108. Prayer
    How to make sure that all your prayers get through: Just say, "Amen".

  109. Heaven
    Boredom is part of the flesh nature. When we get to Heaven we lose the ability to get bored. We will be able to sit and smile at Jesus for 9 million years and thoroughly enjoy every minute of it.

  110. Humor
    It isn't necessarily true that nobody can stand me.... But it is true that nobody can understand me.

  111. Humor
    It's unfortunate that the T.V. screen doesn't screen more T.V.

  112. Humor
    Have you noticed...? The loosest part of your whole head is the part you use to talk with.

  113. Salvation
    Don't tell me that you're saved if you're a liar! Because you're a liar!

  114. Prayer
    It would be very wise to learn how to pray. You have no other way to communicate with God.

  115. Hell
    If God could make a burning bush that wasn't consumed and if He could protect three Hebrew men in a fiery furnace, He can surely make a burning hell that will burn but not consume a person.

  116. Christian Living
    You can't become a good Christian without first becoming a good person.

  117. Grace
    Only a God like my Heavenly Father could make a person like me feel so special.

  118. Wisdom
    Wisdom is listening to what you know instead of listening to what you feel.

  119. Christian Living
    Remember: In this garden of life, the roses always end up at the top of the stem, above the thorns.

  120. Christian Living
    The more time you spend sitting around trying to enjoy life, the less time you'll probably have left to live it.

  121. Thankfulness
    Those who always complain generally find plenty to complain about, while those who are thankful, generally find plenty to be thankful for.

  122. Laziness
    If you're going to do what needs to be done in this life, you must plan your vacations to fit around your work, and not plan your work to fit around your vacations.

  123. Friendship
    The price of a good friend is the loss of some freedom.

  124. Heaven
    Heaven is a place, not a space.

  125. Time
    When you consider that becoming 60-years-old is only becoming a 6-year-old for the tenth time, you see how short this earthly life really is.

  126. Christian Living
    There ain't none of us perfect, but we can all try to be honest.

  127. Prayer
    If I want more tomorrow than I've got today, I've got to take time to pray.

  128. Success
    Success comes to those who work to please those who are over them and then give to please those who are under them.

  129. Jesus
    If I were ever asked to define what real love is, I would say, love is never wanting to let the other person down. When I consider my limited love for Jesus, who I believe I probably love most of all, and I try to please Him at all times. But I can't deny the many, many times I have let Him down. Then, when comparing my love to His, it is evident how little I understand love, because He has never, one time, ever let me down. That is what is known as perfect love. And, perfect love never cha

  130. Love
    Emotional love is based upon selfishness and gratification. True love is based upon integrity and determination.

  131. Marriage
    Some wives have a way of making men want to do things for them. Other wives just have a way of making men do things.

  132. Success
    People who are not afraid to try, generally make many mistakes. People who are afraid to try generally don't make anything.

  133. Humor
    When a preacher preaches salivation; it means he spits all over the folks in the front row.

  134. Prayer
    Choosing not to pray each day is like having a good paying job offered to you that requires very little work, but which has terrific benefits, and turning it down.

  135. Success
    Luke 5:4-11 - Progress: According to Jesus: When a fisherman struggles and fails. Then Jesus helps him succeed at his worldly goal. Then Jesus says, "Forsake that success and follow me." When we can obey that command we see progress. Those who God blesses the most are those who have forsaken the world's success.

  136. Modesty
    The reason skin is called Hide is because that's what you're expected to do with it.

  137. Faithfulness
    God expects for us to have the trust of a little child. Because when you tell a little child something he believes every word of it is true, and has no doubt that it is to be exactly as spoken. Why does he want us to believe him in that manner? Because he believes everything we tell him in that manner. Whenever we make him a promise, he believes it and expects for us to fulfill that promise in the same way a child believes us when we promise him something. There is one difference though: G

  138. Success
    If you want to fail as a preacher, do all you can to condemn and shame your listeners into repentance. But, if you want to be a successful preacher, do all you can to preach God's Word with love, in order for the Holy Spirit to condemn and shame a tender heart.

  139. Christian Living
    Our job as a Christian is to treat others in such a way that their hearts will be open to the direction of the Holy Spirit.

  140. Success
    Looking for a job where you cannot be replaced? Check God's will for your life!

  141. Fact:
    Poetry is the verbal condensation of a universal concept.

  142. Marriage
    Any Christian girl who despises the idea of getting married to someone like Jesus is sure going to be unhappy at the marriage supper of The Lamb.

  143. Marriage
    Question for a wife: Are you an Ego-Booster, or an Ego-Buster?

  144. Prayer
    If God answered every single prayer, the average Christian would soon be sadly backslid, because he would start asking for all the things he had ever wanted, and would soon be surrounded with all of the desires of his flesh. Therefore, the next statement is true, although hard to admit:The reason the average Christian is so surprised when God answers prayer is because, He usually doesn

  145. Hell
    The mean personís motto: "I don't tell people to go to Hell, I just give them a free sample."

  146. Forgiveness
    Get-Even - is - Forgiven - spelled foolishly.

  147. Humor
    Feeling "Grown-Up" does get old.

  148. Time
    The first step in making time stand still is to, first, catch up with it.

  149. Success
    The secret to success: Don't let it go, till you're certain you know, That you've done what you could, to make it so good, If it isn't the best, it beats most of the rest. Then, whoever it's for, they'll come back for more.

  150. Christian Living
    The true desires of my heart are not often the same as the plan that God has for my life and the sooner I recognize, admit, and deal with that fact, the sooner I begin to grow as a Christian.

  151. Friendship
    The most important thing you can do for a friend is: Keep Him!

  152. Humor
    The Lord has given me so many good things that it's hard for me to keep my mind on Him. That is the state of being spoiled.

  153. God's Love
    One sinful thought for which you can be happy about: God still loves sinners.

  154. Success
    Bringing pleasure brings attention.

  155. God's Love
    I don't deserve salvation Lord. Thank you for breath.

  156. Wisdom
    The best way to exercise wisdom is never to give advise unless it is asked for.

  157. Foolishness
    The best way to exercise foolishness is to tell folks how smart you think you are.

  158. Marriage
    Marriage is God's way of returning all of the favors we paid Him during out teen-years.

  159. Wisdom
    Every decision has an effect upon every decision that follows.

  160. Wisdom
    When winds are calm, take time to prepare for the storm.

  161. Wisdom
    Whenever you offer something for nothing, you will always attract the people with the least character. Whenever you attach a reasonable high price to something of worth, you will always attract the people with the highest character.

  162. Humor
    Reckon how the Poplar tree ever got so pop'lar?

  163. Christian Living
    So, I die!

  164. Love
    Treat those you love as if it were their last day on earth, for, it could be; and someday, it will be.

  165. Parenting
    Every mother is an artist, and the home is her canvas.

  166. Wisdom
    The foolish person forces their opinion on everyone they meet, making that opinion of little value. The wise person holds their opinion in reserve until the time it has been called upon, making it of greater value.

  167. Love
    Love either is or isn't, but real love never Was...

  168. Salvation
    You need not be reluctant to share the greatest hope to a world with the greatest need.

  169. Humor
    Light may travel very fast, but not so fast, I can't see it.

  170. Humor
    Why does the wind blow? Because there's a down-hill slope this side of the mountains.

  171. Humor
    The only people who don't like me are those who are jealous.

  172. God's Love
    Considering God's apparent hatred of sin and considering our apparent love for it, God's love for us becomes quite - - - Apparent

  173. Foolishness
    Those who insist upon making all of their own decisions now, turn out to be the same ones asking for all the help later.

  174. Happiness
    The grouchy old woman said, "I don't see how anyone could be happy being happy."

  175. Prayer
    The step-by-step method for getting answers to prayer: Step #1. Pray. Step #2. Pray. Step #3. Pray.

  176. Forgiveness
    Getting even is when you lower yourself to the level of that other person who has not yet learned the happiness that comes with forgiveness.

  177. Forgiveness
    The unforgivable sin: Un-forgiveness

  178. Heaven
    I often have wondered if, when the rapture occurs, will the unborn babies be taken from within their mother's womb, but I don't believe so, because the qualification for going to Heaven is that one be born of water and of the Spirit, and innocent children have been born of water but not of Spirit. Unborn children have not yet met the first criteria.

  179. Christian Living
    I'm gonna quit trying to make everyone happy and just be a blessing.

  180. Salvation
    I was about to doubt my salvation when I remembered that God cannot lie.

  181. Christian Living
    To receive the most out of life, you must learn to give the most of it.

  182. Christian Living
    We must "Learn" to do right, because it's our nature to do wrong.

  183. Love
    Learn to love. If you learn to love, you can then learn to love those you don't like. You can learn to love what you don't want to do and you can learn to love being what you don't want to be. But first, you must learn to love.

  184. Salvation
    We are each faced with two options: One birth and two deaths; or, two births and one death. The first is ours by doing absolutely nothing. The second is the result of accepting The Lord Jesus as our personal saviour.

  185. God's Love
    I've Never done one piece of business with God where I didn't get the best end of the deal.

  186. Christian Living
    My greatest achievement in life goes no higher than the level of the depth of my lowest sinful deed.

  187. The Bible
    The Bible is our window to hell and our door to Heaven.

  188. Christian Living
    Devotions may or may not change your life, but they'll probably help your day a little.

  189. Prayer
    The truth is: God will not give us everything we want. But the less we ask, the less we get.

  190. Christian Living
    Dear Lord, help me today, to be the blessing to others that you have been to me.

  191. Humor
    It certainly is a small world: Some of my own great-grandparent's own grandchildren turned out to be my own parents.

  192. Thankfulness
    Three things for which to be thankful: 1. The comfort of the Holy Spirit. 2. The blood of Jesus. 3. The knowledge of God.

  193. Christian Living
    A person's ability to be where he's expected, when he's expected, is directly correlated to the respect he receives for his word.

  194. Character
    To be where you're expected, when you're expected, you must arrive before you're expected. This is known as Being On Time.

  195. Prayer
    God answers prayers! Not plans!

  196. Wisdom
    Sooner or later you eat your words. Bitter or sweet!

  197. Jesus
    Jesus, I used to complain that I had no one to turn to but you. One day you showed me that I was very blessed in that situation. And now I understand that there is no one to turn to Like You.

  198. Jesus
    I often complained that no one respected me for all I do. Of how they only treated me as their friend when they needed something, and the rest of the time they almost forgot I was there: preferring others, higher socially. I was beginning to become bitter when Jesus asked: "Didn't you Really want to be more like me?"

  199. Christian Service
    Don't look to the church for help. The church needs whatever help you can give.

  200. Humor
    What is the difference between a chapel service and church? They don't take an offering in a chapel service.

  201. Wisdom
    Getting to know folks better as time goes by can take two courses: Both begin with the first impression. The first impression is the bottom line of all the characteristics we are able to gather within the first few moments of what may turn out to be a life-long relationship. We have all learned to do a pretty good job of building a first impression. Although not accurate, our first impression is a good indication of who we have just met. But then the next process takes place: Comparing wha

  202. Happiness
    There is no feeling - so good, as that which comes when you know you've done what's right.

  203. Parenting
    Someone must discipline your child. If you refuse the responsibility it will be delegated to a policeman or judge or another who will discipline with much less love and much more force. Someone must discipline your child.

  204. Christian Living
    God's Will. Not easy, but perfect.

  205. Humor
    A teenager will brighten your life: By leaving all the lights on.

  206. Humor
    A teenager will make work easy: The more he makes for you, the easier it is for him.

  207. Love
    One's love is only as strong as one's character.

  208. Prayer
    Spare-time = prayer-time.

  209. Humor
    Teenager: Keep in mind that the first three letters in Young spell You.

  210. Jesus
    Because Jesus will someday rule the whole world, wouldn't it make sense to become his friend while he is still meek and lowly of heart!

  211. Marriage
    Husbands: Rather than being annoyed at your wife for seeming to talk continually, why donít you recognize that she may just be excited and happy to be near you.

  212. Humility
    Father, sometimes I feel like such a dummy. Please figure some way to make use of dummies like myself.

  213. Foolishness
    Consider the bubble - next time you have an opportunity to view one: It spends its entire life trying to get to the top. Once there it dies.

  214. Faithfulness
    If you pick and choose how and when you are faithful to Jesus, you can look for Him to pick and choose how and when He will answer your prayers.

  215. The Bible
    The Bible: The more you read it - The more you you know you need to read it more.

  216. Discipleship
    We serve a God who is not really satisfied with only 99-percent. (Luke 10:27)

  217. Faithfulness
    I suppose it is OK if you don't want to take time to read the Bible and pray. Most people don't! Matthew 7:13, 14

  218. Jesus
    There are no guarantees in this life. But there is Jesus!

  219. Jesus
    No one realizes how much they need Jesus until they get close enough to Him to recognize how far they are away from Him.

  220. Prayer
    Never ask God "WHY?" It is a sign of immaturity.

  221. Faith in God
    You will never experience a miracle until you really need one. God does NOT help those who help themselves.

  222. Christian Living
    Accountability - or - Wait til you get to Heaven. You'll have a larger audience.

  223. Grace
    You may think nothing of turning your back on God. You WILL be in deeply concerned if He ever turns his back on you, which He did to his Son, Jesus, as He hung on the cross for you. Why would God turn His back on you, you may ask? By rejecting the above truth.

  224. Jesus
    Faithful and unpredictable. That was Jesus! That is Jesus!

  225. Jesus
    If I had my wish to become like anyone else, it would be my good friend who retired from his work as a carpenter to become a preacher. Although He loved preaching, from all outward appearances his career in that field was not at all successful. After only three years He gave up that life and returned to his first occupation. He has since become very successful in another country building mansions for adopted children such as myself.

  226. Jesus
    Some folks find it difficult to trust Jesus for everything in their lives. And some of us are like little lost kids looking for help.

  227. Patience
    Patience is just a two-syllable word for peace.

  228. Your Testimony
    Few people want to hear me tell them about Jesus until I have given them the opportunity to tell me about themselves.

  229. Heaven
    I long to leave this house of flesh, to find a better home, where sin and shame do not persist, and cause my heart to roam.

  230. The Cross
    The cross-eyed Christian is often the one with the best vision.

  231. Jesus
    Who put the wax in my ear? Who counts the hairs on my head? My Jesus who loves me so dear, And sits each night at the foot of my bed.

  232. Marriage
    There is joy in the presence of the angels when a man and wife fight: It just the wrong set of angels!

  233. Friendship
    When you hear someone complaining that they have no friends, the solution is generally pretty obvious: Stop complaining and try smiling.

  234. Wisdom
    Unintelligent people often believe that everyone else is almost as smart as they are.

  235. Success
    THE THREE GREAT SECRETS TO SUCCESS! If you're searching for the perfect life, Serve the perfect Lamb. If greatness is your appetite, Seek the Great I AM. Power and authority Come through the Holy Ghost. They'll guide you thru the narrow gate: The one that pays the most.

  236. Money
    Quote from the typical American Christian: "I am secure in Jesus. The more money I make, the more secure I feel."

  237. Character
    I shall have strong convictions. I shall NOT allow those strong convictions to cause me to become angry at others.

  238. The Bible
    It's Just A Book! Until you open It.

  239. Faithfulness
    Allow for sin? There's too much at risk.

  240. Christian Living
    To get the most out of your day - Give some of it to Jesus.
    To get the most out of your cash - Give some of it to Jesus.
    To get the most out of your life - Give ALL of it to Jesus.

  241. Fear Of The Lord
    Fearing God doesn't mean to be afraid of Him: It means you recognize how powerful He is because of all the things you have read in His word - and you are so glad that He is on your side!

  242. Christian Service
    God must be desperate for help! Otherwise He would never have chosen me.

  243. Prayer
    Prayer changes things. And the one it often changes the most is the guy doing the praying.

  244. Trusting The Lord
    Needing to trust the Lord for everything: No better way to live my life.

  245. Heaven
    Don't put me on life support some day. When I get old just let me pass away. This world is not my home, And I long to say "Shalom!" It'd be fine with me if I should go today.

  246. The Bible
    If reading the Bible through three times was a requirement for getting to Heaven nearly everyone would read it through at least three times. The interesting thing is this: More people would go to Heaven.

  247. Love
    A hard heart brings pain to the whole body.

  248. Selfishness
    A winning team is one made up of individuals who play FOR each other as opposed to those who simply play together.

  249. Success
    You cannot sin and win!

  250. Jesus
    Jesus and I haven't been friends very long. I trusted Him as my Savior when I was nine years-old. I'm now 72. We are just getting started.

  251. Prayer
    In the Lord's prayer, when I got to the part that said, "Lead me not into temptation but deliver me from evil," He said, "That's what I have been trying to do!" Then I understood . . . .

  252. Love
    You can be politically correct if you want. I'm just gonna love my neighbor.

  253. Thankfulness
    Father, I am so thankful for the promises that you have kept, and so sorry for those I haven't. I will always need your help.

  254. Happiness
    A broken spirit is a sad, heartbreaking condition in life.

  255. Prayer
    Heavenly Father, I thank you for all the things You have done in my life - and ask forgiveness for all the things I have done in my life.

  256. Holy Spirit
    We are all spirit controlled: Just not all by the same spirit.

  257. Parenting
    There are two kinds of teasing: Teasing where you make the other person laugh. Teasing where you are the only one laughing. I'm not teasing - It's true!

  258. Humor
    How you turn out is what you'll turn into.

  259. Select Title
    Would you like to know WHY God is so good to me? Because He is good.

  260. God's Love
    Would you like to know WHY God is so good to me? Bedause - - - He is good.

  261. Prayer
    Prayers made in the middle of the night often yield more fruit than prayers made when the sun shines.

  262. Pride
    Talking to a proud person is like

  263. Selfishness
    A selfish person finds it difficult to take the time to please others, while the unselfish person finds it difficult to say "No."

  264. Faithfulness
    Resisting temptation and refusing to transgress should be "normal" and nothing to be proud of IF I am the property of God.

  265. Love
    Love is learning what pleases someone Love is doing what pleases someone Love is finding pleasure in that

  266. Pride
    I sin because of my stubbornness and pride.

    My stubbornness says, "I don't like Anybody telling me what to do."

    My pride says, "I don't like Anybody telling me what to do."

  267. Parenting
    You can't treat a cat like a dog, and you can't treat a dog like a cat.

    And you can't respond to one child in the same way you do to another.

  268. Wisdom
    He who thinks he has wisdom is a fool.

    He is wise who daily pleads with God for wisdom.

  269. Criticism
    The Gift of Criticism

    To help others

    by not having to wait around for answered prayer

  270. Humor
    God may have thought about putting a 32nd chapter in Proverbs but He probably couldn't find any virtuous men.

  271. Faith in God
    Just like when we tell our grandson not to believe everything he sees on a YouTube video, God tells us not to believe everything else we see around us.

    Hebrews 11:1

  272. Discipleship
    Learning by obedience is always so much easier than learning by experience.

  273. Character
    Recognizing that you are not the smartest person in the world is probably the first sign of intelligent behavior.

  274. Christian Living
    If you want to be like Paul start by trying to be more like Jesus. To be more like Jesus start hanging out with Him longer.

  275. Christian Living
    If you want to be like Paul start by trying to be more like Jesus. To be more like Jesus start hanging out with Him longer.

  276. Love
    If you love someone the way they want to be loved they will love you back. If you love them the way you like to be loved you don't gain much.

  277. Christian Living
    If Satan knows you are affected by circumstances your days will probably be filled with unfavorable circumstances. But when he learns that you look above your circumstances he will look for someone else to afflict.

  278. Christian Living
    Lord help me to be exactly what you want me to be; word-for-word and step-by-step.

  279. Christian Living
    Lord help me to be exactly what you want me to be; word-for-word and step-by-step.

  280. Christian Service
    Put yourself in someone else's shoes.
    They may need your feet today.

  281. Praise
    I will praise You Lord til I run out of words.

  282. Character
    Looking for the easy way OUT
    Often leads you farther IN

  283. The Bible
    I shall fill my soul each day with the pure fresh water from the word of God, and as blinders on a horse, so shall I protect my heart from the words of men who love not the Lord.

  284. Wisdom
    You have a choice:

    You can have the last word - or - you can have lasting relationships.

  285. Happiness
    Your bad attitude wont send you to hell. But it could send someone else.

  286. Rebellion
    Living an obedient life means much more to God than living my Christian life in the limelight of those around me.

  287. Faith in God
    God probably gets a chuckle over prayer without faith.

  288. Faith in God
    Prayer without faith most likely causes God to chuckle.

  289. Wisdom
    Don't tell ANYBODY if you don't want EVERYBODY to know.

  290. Holy Spirit
    For me, speaking in tongues is when I am praying and intend to say one phrase but a much more profound phrase comes forth. That is truly speaking in another tongue.

  291. Free Will
    The ONE thing God cannot do:

    Make our choices for us.

    (Joshua 24:15 "...choose you this day whom ye will serve")

  292. The Bible
    There is a big difference between a Bible scholar and a Bible student. I have chosen to remain a Bible student and keep doing my homework until graduation.

  293. Trusting The Lord
    If you cannot understand how God could love someone like you, and continue loving you the way you are; What makes you think you should be able to understand anything else about Him. He is God. Accept Him as God.

  294. Prayer
    Prayer is just as real as email or texting.
    If you haven't tried it you are missing out.

  295. Selfishness
    Whenever someone interrupts something you are busy doing, you have to stop and make a decision: "Who is more important, them or me?"

    You may be surprised to discover, it is NOT you!

  296. Wisdom
    Never chase a hat that won't stay on your head.

  297. Time
    As the clock hands seem to move when you are not looking, so Time has stolen away my children.

  298. Salvation
    Does you family tree of salvation stop at your limb? Or have you branched out?

  299. Wisdom
    The devil is as real as God. Don't underestimate his presence in your life.

  300. Trusting The Lord
    Some of life's lessons are too hard to face.

    Without Jesus.

  301. Humor
    Kids use crying as one of their tools to make us grown-ups look like fools.

  302. Faithfulness
    Lord, help me to be exactly what you want me to be. Word-for-word and step-by-step.

  303. Leadership
    You must become a kernel before God can make you a colonel.

  304. Salvation
    Seedless Christians, Like seedless fruit, Unable to bear fruit of their own.

  305. Time
    As you get older your breaking heart confirms for you that everything does have a season.

  306. Christian Living
    If being a Christian is like some people I know, I am way overdoing it.

  307. Jesus
    If you really want to be like Jesus, stop trying to be like everybody else.

  308. The Bible
    Maybe one reason people have become indifferent to the word-for-word validity of the Bible is because when they started coming up with all the different translations that people decided, "Well, it must not be all that important."

  309. Giving
    To make the most of your day find the most people you can find to help.

  310. Christian Living
    It is a blessing hearing the results of being a blessing.

  311. Happiness
    I pray for God to bless you, and guess what! He blesses me.

  312. Jesus
    If Jesus goes with me everywhere I go, it is rude not to introduce Him to everyone I meet. (Romans 10:9-13)

  313. Happiness
    You can mend your broken heart by mending another's broken heart. It really works. God does it all the time.

  314. Character
    A dishonest person has made "SELF" his god.

  315. Prayer
    When I feel like I have no one to talk to but Jesus, He smiles and says, "How blessed you are. Welcome Home."

  316. The Bible
    The words in the Bible were written by God on the hearts of men who rewrote them to its pages, so He could rewrite them on my heart, that I might share them with those I meet.

  317. Happiness
    There are two ways to spell "Happy" - "Happy" and "Forgive."