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For your information:

About one-third of all Internet traffic is pewnographic.

Pewnography sites get more visitors each month than Netflix, Amazon and Twitter combined.

The use of high-end mobile devices such as smart phones, etc. will bring nearly $3,000,000,000 into the pockets of the pewnography business. ($2.8 billion)

That doesnít include traffic from desktop devices.

Please do NOT support that industry.

You may be wondering why I spell that word the way I do. As a website programmer with Google ads on this page I DO NOT want the other word to become recorded in Google's database and draw undesirable dating ads, etc. to these pages. And, the subject matter really does STINK!

As I was growing up in downtown Seattle in the 1950ís things were much different than now. Kids were safe, not matter where they went. When I was in the sixth or seventh grades my buddies and I had little to do during the summer months. We would walk the short distance from our neighborhood to the middle of downtown. One of our regular challenges was to figure out how to get onto the roof of as many buildings as possible. We managed to climb around the wooden gate that was placed on the sixth floor stairwell of the Bon Marche building and go on up to the roof. And we did the same in other downtown buildings.

We were just trying to find something to do that held a little excitement. Unfortunately, one of those activities was walking up and down Second Avenue, visiting the various businesses along the street. I donít think we took much of what we saw very seriously at the time Ė we were just goofing around. But, little did we understand that most of those shops were pewnography dealers.

We would walk around the shop giggling about the things we saw and making jokes. Nothing we did was taken into our little brains in the form of sexual satisfaction. But the result of all of that goofing around was a seed that must have been planted into our minds, because I can still recall some of the images I viewed at that time. That may have been the seed that germinated later in life giving me a desire to see more, and more, and more. And, for many years I could not control that selfish desire to please my flesh. As a matter of fact, I didnít see anything wrong with it for most of those years.

Somewhere along the line, as I grew older and closer to the Lord Jesus, I began to feel a conviction about it. That conviction made me hate myself more and more with each attempt to find satisfaction. So, a few years ago I began confessing the issue I had with pewnography with my Christian brothers. It was not an easy thing for me to do, of course. Because as I brought it up in Bible studies and other appropriate meetings, everyone would just sit there silently looking at me as if I were the only one in the room with that problem. And, maybe I was but I donít think that was the case. I really believe that I was the only one in the room who hated my sin enough to express my need for help.

Of course, as time went by there were a few who would speak out openly or come to me privately to express their understanding and dislike for the sin they also fought against. One common thread among us men who are willing to admit our weakness is that it IS a weakness. But it isnít so weak that it dies. We find it to be something that fervently desires to jump at us from every corner of life.

I have no idea why you have come to this page. Maybe, to see what I have to say about pewnography Ė Maybe to find help in fighting your battle with that sin Ė or maybe to find help for someone you love who is caught up in the addiction so easily resolved with a few clicks of your mouse, but which is unquenchable. For whatever reason you have arrived here you have my heart. Therefore I have placed some links in the left-hand column for you to explore. Clicking on these links may be the first step you take in the battle to overcome clicking on those life-killing links of a pewnography site.

God bless.