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Reasons to flee pewnography
    on the Internet where no one sees.
Where it's you, alone, with mouse in hand;
     By just one click you're in fantasy land.

As you surf this exciting, graphic sea
     and go where you ought not to be,
Your mind absorbs the world of sin
     with visions you can't remove again.

And someday, when your heart has changed,
     and your priorities been rearranged
You'll wish those things which haunt your mind
     could somehow have been left behind.

But that's not all that you have done,
     For you have hurt some other one.
You may not know, and it's not very funny,
     But pewnography is all about money.

The banner ads on the page you view
     Are supporting this sin - many thanks to you.
You don't need to click. That earns them more.
     You're paying their bills while you explore!

No, you're not alone as you click that mouse
     And view some poor girl who wears no blouse.
Who's future holds a tragic ending
     which you endorse with your pretending.

But what truly may be the saddest part
     Is how you grieve your Savior's heart.
And it will cost more than you may think
     As you flirt with sin with this trivial wink.

For, when family or friend entreat your prayers
     And startling tragedies overbear,
You'll bow to your knees with a heart that's broken,
     But find little response to the prayers you've spoken.