Percent Review
To complete this review you will need to have paper and pencil (maybe an eraser) at your side. This review consists of 15 math questions which appear in this portion of the screen. Your task is to complete each problem using your paper and pencil and then use the mouse to click on the word, NEXT, near the bottom of this window.

You will then see the correct answer to the current problem in the bottom window. You will also see the next problem. If your answer agrees with the answer on the screen, continue on by working the next problem. If you did not get the correct answer, click on the word, HELP, to see the solution to the problem.

If you want to return to the previous problem, click on the word, BACK, at the bottom of the screen.

The word percent is derived from two words (per-cent). The word per means "divide," and the word cent means "100." So the word percent simply means "divide by 100."

We must remember that fact whenever we work a problem which includes any numbers labelled as a percent. For instance, a problem asking us to find 50% of 90 (answer would be 45). The number 50% must be divided by 100 before we can work the problem because the percent sign says, "DIVIDE BY 100."

Every number has a decimal point. We sometimes do not show the decimal point. If someone asks you to write down your age you may write "39" as your age. In fact "39" has a decimal point: 39.0. It's just common for us to leave decimal points off unless they are needed, such as in the case of money: $2.39.

The 50 in Fifty Percent, in our problem, also has a decimal point: 50.0. Knowing the location of the decimal point makes it easy to divide by 100. Any time we need to divide a number by 100 we can move the decimal point two places to the left.

Dividing 50.0 by 100 gives us .5 as a real number. 50% equals .5. Moving the decimal point to the left two places divided 50 by 100.

Now we can finish working the problem, 50% of 90.

We simply multiply .5 times 90, which equals 45.

Also, don't forget the rule that says OF means multiply. 50% of 90 means 50% times 90, or .5 X 90.

OK, Let's begin!

Click on NEXT.

Problem #1

	10% of 400 =

Problem #2

	50% of 80 =

Problem #3

	30% of 200 =

Problem #4

	20% of 450 =

Problem #5

	60% of 75 =

Problem #6

	75% of 900 =

Problem #7

	56% of 50 =

Problem #8

	15% of 40 =

Problem #9

	95% of 1000 =

Problem #10

	5% of 1200 =

Problem #11

	3% of 1500 = 

Problem #12

	15.5% of 60 =

Problem #13

	65.2% of 125 =

Problem #14

	7.6% of 75 = 

Problem #15

	200% of 33 =

This completes all of the percent review problems. You may click on NEXT to repeat the review, or choose a different area of math to review from the window to the left.

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