CountryBoy Motovlogs  8/2/2019
Got the balance charge cable. Top notch beautiful work, it works flawlessly, and the packaging is professionally done. Well worth the 25.00, thanks again Mr. Kent!

CountryBoy Motovlogs  7-20-2019
Listen guys i purchased a balance charge cable from Mr. Kent and its the best 25.00 I’ve ever spent i done a test with the stock parrot charger and it will charge each cell to 4.30 that will destroy your batterys. I used the charge cable from and the build quality is top notch. Pro packaging i could with my ballance charger charge to 4.20 11.1 V also pull the batterys to storage voltage all while monitoring each cell thanks Mr. Kent for great cable.

EN  11/27/2018
Mrkent the charge cable I purchased works fantastic, great workmanship . With this cable and my after market balance charger the bebop stock battery charges 100% whereas the stock charger charge to only 90%.

JC  9/14/18
Just wanted to drop a line letting you know the charger cable arrived today and it looks great!! Thank you! Also, I have watched many of your Bebop videos on Youtube and have enjoyed them greatly. I have also learned a lot from you about the bebop (especially the balance charger) so keep up the good work!!

LD  9/14/18
Thank you so much for the cable it works great just what I needed. I appreciate what you do for the RC community.

BD  9/12/18
I use the charger cable that you make and it’s perfect and has saved me money no doubt!!

MJ  8/26/18
Mr. Kent I just want to tell you thank you so much for the plug once again I received my charger I plugged it up and now I'm able to basically balance out my batteries cell I'm so glad that you was able to figure out the solution to solving the battery problems, it works flawlessly my drone flies much better, the battery does not drain as fast like it used to, now I have a pretty decent flight and I'm so grateful. I'm new to the Bebop parrot 2 but I been flying other drones for some time now so once again thank you sir I really appreciate your service and God bless.

MJ  8/23/18
Thx You Mr Kent, I just received it today very fast shipping really appreciate it.

BR  8/21/18
I received both the charger and your cords last night. Great job on the cords, they look factory! I successfully charged two batteries and attached a pic. Love it! Thank you for offering those cords, they were perfect!

JG  8/11/18
Thank you Mr. Kent. Just received the power cord today. Looks great. I appreciate your help and time putting it together. Have a great day and God bless.

BW  8/8/18
Mr. Kent I just wanted to let you know I got the cable in today and it works great. Thank you very much for the product and quick shipping. God Bless.

JG  8/8/18
Thank you Kent. If not for you and your YouTube videos I would be stuck. I'm new to the Bebop2 and had problems with charging battery with the charger it came with. Had the blinking red light thing. Thank you for your help and God bless.

TB  7/23/18
Thank you Mr Kent. Got it early. Works great. Keep up the good work. Love you my Bebop brother.

RN  7/22/18
Thank you very much the bebop wire got here Saturday looks great had my first flight Saturday morning it flys great can’t wait to test its limits

RN  7/20/18
Thanks my first bebo2 hope to fly tomorrow

MC  7/9/18
Thanks for the enthusiasm Mr. Kent. Also, your bb2 battery balance connector is working excellent! Thanks again. God bless!

JD  7/6/18
I have purchased a Bebop 2. I wanted to start flying and found your YouTube channel and then your website. I really appreciate all that you are doing. I'm learning so much and am still exploring all your wonderful information.

RK  6/29/18
Thanks, Really enjoy your videos, I've learned so much from them, especially interested in the flight data manager, you saved me hours of research, Thanks and God Bless to you my friend!

B  6/13/18
I received my special balancing charger cable for the Parrot Bebop today. I'm impressed. It looks great.

SH  5/29/18
I got the cable today and it works great. Thanks for your speedy service and a great product.

TW  5/28/18
Great job on the cable, Mr. Kent! Much appreciated!

JS  5/27/18
...and thanks to Mr Kent for helping Howard get his batteries recharged without blowing up... Seems like a good feature 😎

BD  5/25/18
Your the Best!👍

SH  5/25/18
Thanks. Looks like a great product to me

DB  5/24/18
Got It!! Thanks, Mr. Kent! I’ve been enjoying your videos. Keep up the good work!

TW  5/20/18
I watch your videos and they have helped me immensely. So thank you!

BD  5/18/18
I don’t know what I like more you or my bebop 2. Thanks for the help.

KD  3/2/18
Haven't written to you in awhile. Hope everything is well and it's not getting too hot in Arizona (yet). I bought one of your Bebop 2 wire pigtails awhile back that by the way worked flawlessly.

SL  5/12/18
You do great work. I also shared this on the Bebop2 groups in which i moderate. I'm sure you will get a few Emails soon as a lot of people are still looking for these. Thanks again and God Bless.

SP  5/3/18
I just wanted to let you know that I got the charging cable in the mail this morning.. it's finally here. lol I couldn't wait to try it out so I connected my bebop 2 battery (the only one I have so far ) to my SkyRC imax B6 mini battery charger. It worked like a champ. I put it on balanced charge and it did the rest. There is a slight difference between the voltage levels on each cell but they

SL  5/11/18
Hi MrKent, Just wanted you to know i received the adapter in the mail. That was super fast shipping! Thank you very much for this. Now i can balance and charge my batteries properly. Thank you again sir!!!! God Bless! :-)

BC  4/05/18
Got my cable today, super fast shipping. Hooked it to my balancing charger and ran a balance cycle the cycled the pack to storage voltage(very important to store lipos around 3.7v/cell). Nice cable an

MK  4/10/18
Me too, along with one of Mr Kent's charging cables. Works great.